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Grandmint Internet Limited specializes in Small and Medium Business class Networks, and can provide you with reliable, secure infrastructure that will serve your purposes for years to come. We offer a comprehensive suite of Network Services.

Whether you need your Windows Domain rebuilt, Remote Access setup, an Ad-Driven Commercial Wireless Local Area Network, a Wireless Bridge, or an entirely new Category 6 compliant Wired Network installed - look no further, 'We Do That'!

Perhaps you need a simple File Sharing network at home? Maybe you need help securing your home's Wireless Network from hackers and nosy neighbors? Or perhaps you'd like to set up a website to showcase family photos, blog your vacation, or promote your home business? We can do that too!

  Wired Local Area Network (LAN) Sales and Support
  Wireless LAN and Bridge Networks Sales and Support
  Network Security Consulting and Configuration
  Windows Server Sales and Support
  Web Server Setup and Implementation
  Email Hosting and Support
  Internet Connection Setup and Diagnostics
   Local and Wide Area Networks design & implementation

We can provide the complete design of your network infrastructure including files servers, mail servers, routers, switches, firewalls, workstations and printers. Whether you are upgrading and adding functionality to your existing network or are setting up a new local or wide area network, Bluebird Technologies will provide all the services you need to get the installation completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

   Remote Backup Services

Grandmint offers a service for backing up data on your servers, desktops, or laptops directly to an off-site data vault. This service can be purchased to supplement your existing backup solution by providing off-site storage, or it can be used as a total backup solution. Prices are based on the total GB of storage and billed on a monthly basis.

   Disaster Recovery Planning

Planning and consulting services which results in a disaster recovery plan document. The disaster recovery document incorporates re-establishing business after loss of computing systems, network and internet connectivity, office and datacenter facilities, etc.

   Backup & Full Redundancy

An optional part of our NetAssure offering provides for system backup to not one, but two secure data centers. The backup software updates an image of your server every 15 minutes to a NAS (network area storage) device. Should you ever need to recover critical data, you can rest-assured knowing there is at least 90 days worth of data stored off-site in a secure fireproof environment. The image that is copied to the SAN device can actually be used as a virtual server should anything happen to your hardware. You can forget about tape backups, knowing that your critical data is secure even in the event of a catastrophic failure.


Once connected to the Internet, your network must be protected from intrusion. Firewalls represent the best first line of defense. These devices control the type of Internet traffic that is allowed into your network as well as providing VPN capability, content filtering and control over web site access. But your firewall is only as effective as the person who con-figured it. At Bluebird Technologies we understand firewalls.

Virus Protection:
It's not a question of if you will be attacked by viruses, it's a question of when. We provide automated solutions to protect both servers and workstations from virus infection thereby ensuring network integrity.

Security Updating:
Software and hardware manufacturers are constantly releasing patches/fixes and firmware upgrades to provide protection against the ever present threat from hackers and intruders. We will keep you informed of these security updates and make sure they are implemented in your network environment when and where necessary.

Vulnerability Scanning:
This service provides a "hacker's eye view" of a network perimeter which includes public servers, routers, gateways and the remote side of VPN connections. A report is generated detailing security weaknesses and solutions on how to address these risks.

   Virtual Private Networks

A VPN is a private network that's built within a public or shared IP structure -- the Internet. Through the Internet we can create secure private connections from home to office, LAN to LAN, mobile user to LAN, etc. This provides remote, traveling and telecommunicating workers access to central network resources like files, email, calendars and applications. A VPN is more flexible and less expensive than solutions based on dedicated private circuits.

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